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Speaking Engagements For Your Company Or Organization

Michael Sipe is an experienced and accomplished public speaker and educator, and his diverse experiences enable him to build rapport and relate well with varied business and professional groups of any size. His presentations are interactive, energetic, humorous and filled with real world examples. The messages are stimulating, thought provoking and convey practical, useful, actionable information a listener can apply immediately. 
Custom presentations on general business management topics, market trends, sales and marketing strategies can be quickly developed to meet the special interests of a particular audience. Common topics include:
  • "The Biggest Challenge of Business - And How To Solve It." 
  • "How Much is Your Business Worth?"
  • "Secrets to Successful Small Company Mergers."
  • "Finding the Needle in the Haystack...How to Successfully Acquire a Company."
  • "Monsters in the Closet...Ten Deal Killers and How to Avoid Them." 
  • "It's Easier to Get into Something than it is to Get Out...How to Successfully Sell A Company."
  • "Liquidity plus Value equals Equity...How to Build Real Equity in a Small Company."
  • "A Fly Fisherman's Guide To Strategic Selling."
  • "Living the American Dream...Building Wealth through Small Company Ownership."
  • "The Lone Ranger is Dead...How to Field and Play with an Entrepreneurial Team."
  • "Class V... Whitewater Lessons for Turbulent Times"

Surviving COVID-19

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