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Want to learn how to protect your business?  I can help show you the way. For a no-risk, no-obligation opportunity to work with me, view the short 3 minute "Depression Proof" video immediately below and then click on "Get The Workshops" button to launch two free courses that can help you Depression Proof your business. 


Learn my two part strategy to face the challenges of the current season and overcome adversity for FREE.


As an ex-Army Ranger Captain, black belt martial artist, entrepreneur, mergers and acquisitions advisor, and executive coach, I have been helping leaders navigate challenging seasons, solve difficult problems, simplify and gain clarity on complex issues and achieve big goals in the face of tough odds for over 30 years. Allow me to leverage decades of industry experience to deliver solutions that work for your business and your people, no matter the challenge.

Heres what you can expect from these two free courses.

- Course One: Defensive Positioning

I will teach you a methodology you’ve never seen (unless you’re one of my private clients) for establishing the defensive strategies that you absolutely must implement to protect and Depression-Proof your household and business.

- Course Two: Offensive Moves

Defense is essential, however, no war was ever won on defense alone. There's a strategic balance between defense and offense that must be struck to not only survive, but thrive in these uncertain times. Join the webinar and watch my two FREE courses to get the tools the top 1% of income earners are doing today to win the fight.

Once you've experienced and had your leadership stretched by the two free introductory workshops, there will be an opportunity to explore other innovative and educational and coaching offerings that can help you grow and excel in your business.

Michael Sipe is a high achiever who clearly made the choice years ago to be a life-long learner who will not settle for second best. He has a passion to share what he has learned with others. Mike has the ability to make the sometimes hard to understand principles of business easy to grasp and apply.

Scott Houck, CEO, Structure Development NW 

COVID-19 is no reason to quit.

Nobody could have predicted what happened at the beginning of the year, but there is no changing that it has happened. Now is not the time to roll over or stand idly by. Let me help you navigate these tumultuous waters to fight, grow stronger and succeed in these hard times.


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