Two Paths Diverged

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2020
Remember this time last year when most of us were wrapping up one of the best years ever? There was a lot of talk about 2020 being a year of vision. 2020 would be a year where our goals would be clear and the path to success easily seen. Well, not so much…
However, as it’s turned out, there are great opportunities for us to seek clarity. The pictures in this article offer three chances to gain clarity and to choose the path ahead wisely.
The “T” intersection warning sign illustrates those times when the difference between good and evil is obvious and we must choose, for example, life over death, freedom over oppression, capitalism over communism, work over welfare, and order over chaos. We are in such a time, and good should never bow to evil under the guise of false “unity.” At the “T” intersection, we must choose good, even when others choose evil.
The roads diverging in the woods illustrate two things:
1. Evil often does not show up blatantly as an easily recognized “T” intersection. More frequently it presents as an insidious drift, that sounds like:
"It’s no big deal. Just a little of this, a little of that. Just a small compromise here and there. Just a little tolerance here and there. No one will know anyway. My choices don’t really matter. No harm, no foul. I just felt like it."
The next thing you know, we’re way off in the woods, and far from the righteous path. We must quickly recognize the drift, reject it and follow the right path. This requires constant attention and great discernment.
2. There is a second lesson in the diverging paths picture. The vast majority of us are simply walking through the woods together, trying to do the best we can each step of the way. We think we share common objectives, but just see different paths to get there. The paths are not necessarily always good or evil, right or wrong. We’re just fundamentally decent people fumbling our way through the bushes and getting separated in the process. Here’s the thing. Regardless of the 2020 election outcomes, we need to draw our paths together and walk together in unity (not uniformity) toward the highest ideals and aspirations we share as Christians and Americans. If we fail to come together, we will perish in the woods.
God, please bless America. Give us clarity to see the paths before us and make the wise and righteous decisions. Show us your will and show us your way through the woods.

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