Open Wide the Doors of the Church

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2020
To the pastors of America and those who would partner with them - we need your leadership. 
You are called to be the spiritual leaders of our regions and nation. The people you love and the people you were called to serve are dying. I have seen firsthand, as I know you have, the physical death, the relational death, the cultural death, the despair, the addictions, the abuse, the suicides and most importantly, the spiritual death that has occurred over the last few months. I know it breaks your hearts, as it does mine. The deaths are not “from” COVID. They are because of our flawed response to COVID.
But you hold the key to Life.
Therefore, I am asking you to reject the lockdown orders. I am asking you to open, not close, your churches and to open wide the doors of the Church, as a whole, to a hurting community and to a dying world. It is time and more than time for us, as Christ followers, not to shelter in place, but to step up, step out and serve boldly. 
I implore you…submit no more.
I write as one who respects you deeply. I have gratefully sat under your teachings. I have joyfully worshiped in your halls. I have knelt in faithful prayer in your sanctuaries. I have worked alongside you as a friend, as a brother, as a fellow community leader, and as a fellow son of God to support your individual ministries, to bolster the local church, to draw the Church together, and to advance the Kingdom. 
I urge you to take a stand against government restraints, but more critically to mobilize in unity to offer and provide the help that the elected officials actually need, that the people of our states and country actually need. They don’t know what that is, but you do. 
Appeasement, conciliation and compromise with things that are fundamentally wrong is not true service, leadership or love. What is required is God-inspired, God-anointed spiritual leadership leading to the spiritual, cultural and economic transformation of our community, state, nation, and world. 
What I am advocating for is not rebellion, but rather the reordering and restoration of proper alignment. 
There is a proper order. God overall, Jesus holding all authority, the Holy Spirit with wisdom and power, and the Word of God. Everything else is subordinate.    
God raises and crushes nations. He raised up America. He gave us a divinely inspired Constitution that is brilliantly unique in all of human history. He allows and appoints leaders in our country, but implicit in that is an intent that they follow His Word and that they follow the Constitution He gave us. Our governmental leadership has diverged egregiously from both. 
We are out of order. God knows it. All of us know it. And it is getting worse, not better. 
The government actions to shut down, constrain and impede the Church are an insult to God, a dismissal of the spiritual nature of man, and a denigration of the essential function of worship. They are naïve, ignorant and deceived. They are the flailing and failing of spiritually ungrounded elected officials trying to rely solely on human solutions. 
This will fail, as every political, social, relational, physical and economic problem has a spiritual root. Attempting to govern only from the natural perspective leads to flawed outcomes. Supernatural leadership is required. Government officials need our prayers and our guidance. They don’t have to navigate alone. Wise kings and queens rally their spiritual advisors, but only if the “priests” are worth consulting. Spiritual leaders must LEAD. They must be visible, courageous, engaged  and of value in waging spiritual battle. Our elected officials need our love and prayer, yes, but they also need our wisdom and blessing. 
The government actions are also illegal and un-Constitutional. What must be curtailed is the unfettered use of “executive powers,” independent of the checks and balances between the legislature and the court. This year a dangerous precedent has been set by the governors’ unchecked exercise of power with no resistance. This will only get worsen as the precedent is exploited at a federal level. 
We do not have to concede. 
But what about the health "crisis," you ask? Yes, the COVID virus exists. People will get infected…I know many who have. All have survived just fine. Some will no doubt die, from one underlying cause or another. My heart aches for those families who have experienced loss of a loved one. However, all of us will someday die, but it’s more important to truly live while we are alive. The spiritual infection in our country is far more deadly than any physical infection. 
And pastors, you already hold the cure. 
I ask you to link arms with the marketplace, community and government leaders in your churches. Plenty of us…a powerful remnant…will stand with you. Of course, some will always turn tail, run and hide, cowering in a corner hoping for a scrap from the government so they can “protect” their tiny kingdoms. 
Love them and pray for them. However, there are plenty of us that love God, love Jesus’ Church, love you, and respect you. There are enough men and women who are not afraid and who are ready to support you in the reordering and the restoration of our community and our world.
Someone has to make the first move to get America back on track. Let that be the Church.
Please open wide the doors of the Church, to close no more through the acts and decrees of man. Please stand and we will rally. It is for such a time as this. 
And if you disagree or decline, I will still love and respect you. I will still call you friends. I will still call you brothers and sisters. 
I hope you say yes.   
Posted with humility and love. 
"These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name." Revelation 3:7-8

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