Immunize Your Business Against The Dangers Ahead

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2021

A new year in this season always comes with a slew of predictions that can be scary. Will a new strain of superbug take hold? Will the stock market crash? Will the economy tank?

These are all excellent questions, but nobody has a crystal ball. However, there are three practical steps you can take to inoculate yourself from whatever the coming years will bring:

Inoculation Strategy #1: Stop Trying To Time The Market

Many founders try to time the sale of their business to coincide with the peak of an economic cycle, reasoning they will get the best price for their business when the economy is booming.

While this is true in theory, when you sell your company, you need to do something with the money. Perhaps you’ll consider investing in real estate or buying stocks. Still, most investments are impacted by the same macro-economic environment your business enjoys, which means you’ll be buying into just as frothy a market.

The alternative to timing the market is to...

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Recovering From The Trauma of 2021

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2021

If you’re like most business owners, 2019 may have been one of your best years ever. And the first quarter of 2020 was also trending up.


A superbug started terrorizing the world. Professional basketball was cancelled. One by one, the world began to close its doors.

A significant blow impacted your business - lockdowns, employee fear, customer fear, ever-changing government-imposed restrictions, social upheaval, political controversy and unprecedented supply chain disruptions affected most businesses in one way or another over the year. Perhaps you’ve stabilized your company, or you might still be experiencing the worst of it.

Either way, you’re probably a different person as a result of this pandemic.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition triggered by experiencing a terrifying event. Although not at the level of enduring an actual war zone, the events of 2020 may leave you feeling similar symptoms.

Now, as things...

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Quarterbacking Your Business in 2021: Scrambling or Scoring?

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2021

Imagine for a minute that 2020 was a football game and you were a quarterback. Your first quarter started great with an eighty-yard kickoff return and a quick surgical pass to the endzone for a touchdown, followed by a picture perfect field goal. 
In your second possession, the defense was like swiss cheese and your running game kicked in, with the backs punching through holes everywhere. Ten carries later and you’d scored again. The two point conversion worked. It looked like the game was yours for the taking. 
Twelve minutes into the first quarter, however, everything changed. You discovered you’d been playing against the B-team defense, and now there was a whole new lineup. Suddenly you faced the biggest, meanest defensive linemen you’d ever seen and two panther-quick rushing linebackers. Three body crushing sacks later, and the game stopped being fun. 
The rest of the game you scrambled. There was no pocket. No protection. Each...

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Open Wide the Doors of the Church

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2020
To the pastors of America and those who would partner with them - we need your leadership. 
You are called to be the spiritual leaders of our regions and nation. The people you love and the people you were called to serve are dying. I have seen firsthand, as I know you have, the physical death, the relational death, the cultural death, the despair, the addictions, the abuse, the suicides and most importantly, the spiritual death that has occurred over the last few months. I know it breaks your hearts, as it does mine. The deaths are not “from” COVID. They are because of our flawed response to COVID.
But you hold the key to Life.
Therefore, I am asking you to reject the lockdown orders. I am asking you to open, not close, your churches and to open wide the doors of the Church, as a whole, to a hurting community and to a dying world. It is time and more than time for us, as Christ followers, not to shelter in place, but to step up, step out and...
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Two Paths Diverged

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2020
Remember this time last year when most of us were wrapping up one of the best years ever? There was a lot of talk about 2020 being a year of vision. 2020 would be a year where our goals would be clear and the path to success easily seen. Well, not so much…
However, as it’s turned out, there are great opportunities for us to seek clarity. The pictures in this article offer three chances to gain clarity and to choose the path ahead wisely.
The “T” intersection warning sign illustrates those times when the difference between good and evil is obvious and we must choose, for example, life over death, freedom over oppression, capitalism over communism, work over welfare, and order over chaos. We are in such a time, and good should never bow to evil under the...
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What Makes America Great?

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2020

It's Three Intangibles and One Tangible Factor

What is it about America? Why do we love it so? Why are patriots willing to die for it? Why have people for hundreds of years walked, crawled, swam, sailed and flown to get here, in search of a better life? Why does hardly anyone ever leave? Why do immigrants cry with joy when they receive their American citizenship? Why do most of us thrill to the sight of our flag, and to the sound of our National Anthem, or a song like “God Bless Americas,” or “America the Beautiful,” or Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA?” So, what is it? What makes America so special? What makes it so great?

 It’s not great because of American presidents, American politicians, American pastors or American educators. As proud as I am to be called an American, the American people do not, inherently, make America great. Don’t get me wrong, I love my fellow Americans, but I’ve traveled the world, and...

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How to Immunize Yourself Against COVID

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2020

Practical Guidelines For Living a Life of Vibrant Good Health

Our country, indeed, the whole world, is fixated on COVID-19. It seems every aspect of life is being upended and reshaped as we respond to the fear of being infected and dying from the corona virus. Governmental response to the disease based on assertions of “public health” has resulted in economic devastation, business failure, massive unemployment, cratering of the educational system, relational breakdowns, restructuring of business practices, restrictions on faith practices and a culture of pervasive and widespread fear. It’s important to remember that COVID did not cause all these things. Our response to COVID is responsible for the outcomes we are experiencing. Regardless of what you think about COVID, one would be hard pressed to say that our responses to COVID have led to desirable results. Unfortunately, at least in the short term, we can’t do much as individual citizens about government...

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Understanding Power, Authority and Influence

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2020

How Will You Use Yours to Change the World?

As a marketplace leader, you have power, authority and influence. Recently I enjoyed a fascinating discussion with a tremendous Christian leader on this topic. She’s not an ordained pastor in charge of an organized church. She’s a Christ follower, who was leading a secular organization much like you and I. She was responsible for 1,500 people, so she had ample opportunity to explore the domains of power, authority and influence. 

Early in our conversation she shared a concept with massive implications for Christian business leaders. She said, “When I accepted leadership over the organization, I asked for God’s guidance. I clearly heard Him say: ‘Wherever you have physical authority, you also have spiritual authority.’ So I began to exercise my God-given spiritual authority over everything I was in charge of, and it transformed every aspect of our operation.” 

How about YOU? Where do you...

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Your Business Is At War

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2020

Eight Defensive Strategies to Protect Your Business and Family From Current Marketplace Challenges

Some of you may not yet feel like you’re in combat. Maybe you had a backlog of orders, or you were in a business the government deemed essential, or like some of my clients, you’re in a business that is in hot demand right now, like information technologies. 

Some of you may not agree that we are in a war. Complacency is an issue.  In the moment, it’s comfortable there on the couch. People are living in denial everywhere, but it doesn’t change hard realities. 

Think back to the not so distant past. Remember February 2020? That was just a few months ago. If you’re like me and most of my clients, you had the best year ever in 2019 and you entered 2020 strong and full of confidence. Many of us had our best month EVER in February 2020. Possibly you did too. In any event, I bet you were feeling very optimistic earlier this year.

Then we hit the...

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A Call for the Church to Lead our Recovery

Uncategorized May 29, 2020

If not us, who? If not now, when? If not...why not?

I’m flipping the pages of the May 4, 2020 Time Magazine, which offers up the opinions of Time’s selection of 100 thought leaders, all of whom were tasked to share their perspectives on how we are to find hope in this season of health concerns and economic devastation. Included in the roster of wise messengers are Angelina Jolie, Shawn Mendez, Misty Copeland and Lil Nas X. 

Although I don’t know any of the 100 notable contributors personally and have nothing against any of them, I was struck by the sheer hopelessness of the submissions purportedly offered to produce hope. Somehow a recommendation to “watch the Great British Bake Off as a welcome distraction during these difficult times,” seems uncompelling. Obviously, Time Magazine is a secular publication, but I looked in vain for the voice of hope available through Jesus’ Church. His voice was absent. As are we, His disciples.

The voice of...

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